Our Values


Asmaa Sbou

Founder of Sboutiful

For 13 years she has been self-employed in the field of media, marketing, empowerment building, art and culture. Since five years she brings with her label Sboutiful the fashion of young African designers to Germany.

Thierno Diallo

Founder of WearFula

A young architect, he founded his label WearFula in 2017. During his architectural journey he travelled through 12 countries in Africa. He works with handmade, traditional fabrics and supports young African designers in Berlin.

Sboutiful´A = Sboutiful + WearFula 

Sboutiful ́A has the aim to maintain African culture by combining handcrafted traditional fabrics, old weaving techniques, pattern and codes with a contemporary twist. We work with passionate artisans across West Africa to create designs that are more than colonial waxprints. Our oversized mythological textiles, unique and minimalist designs require more than love for fashion – they require attitude and a long term perspective for the future. Our aim is to create a bridge between the Afro Diaspora and Africans on the continent.

Mystic & Traditions

Our clothes represent an alternative to the colonial waxprint. Fabrics such as Bogolanfani, Leppi and Faso dan Fani are part of long-standing traditions based on myths in Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso. It is said that they have powerful protective healing qualities and act as magical talismanic textiles. Therefore wearing it requires more than love for fashion – it requires attitude and awareness.

Our Family

 We have Families in Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Ghana and Morocco.

 Welcome our family members of the collection Sboutiful´A:


Father of 4 children.

Mama Eze
Burkina Faso

Healer in the village. Supervisor for problems
of women and families


Student, tailor and
social media expert

With our resources as Africans in the Diaspora, we have our collection produced on the African continent with a clear conscience. We work with traditionally woven fabrics and with passionate artists on site. We respectfully create local and sustainable designs with our partners.

To The Future

Our designs are always based on traditional patterns and craftsmanship. In the future we want to combine our contemporary diasporic perspective with traditional know-how and new technologies. In future collections 3D printers, VR and codes could be used. Our long-term goal is to create a bridge between culture, identity, politics and architecture.

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